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Uncharted 2 will tweet Trophies and multiplayer statistics


Naughty Dog is hell-bent on pushing the online functionality of Uncharted 2 beyond anything else on the PlayStation 3. The multiplayer demo reveals yet another new feature for the upcoming PS3 game: Twitter support. According to The BBPS, you'll be able to have the game automatically tweet updates whenever you connect to a multiplayer game, unlock a Trophy, or complete a single-player chapter. Twitter support is already live, as evidenced by these tweets from Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer and SCEA's Jeff Rubenstein.

The auto-tweets will send inquisitive readers to a detailed stats page on Naughty Dog's website. Here, you can see someone's kill/death ratio, career length, amount of virtual money, and more. Further details will be broken down in the "Match History," "Weapons" and "Medals" tabs -- but all those features are currently "coming soon."

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