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Weazel News reports rise in Liberty City terrorism


It looks like the inhabitants of Liberty City now have more to fear than crazy foreigners and roving bike gangs, according to a recent Weazel News expose. Terrorists have made their way into the city and brought their tools of destruction with them. Sticky bombs, exploding bullets (doesn't every bullet kinda explode?) and attack helicopters are just a few of these new dangers facing players in upcoming The Ballad of Gay Tony (not to mention every Burger Shot-loving local on the street).

But, thanks to the hard work of the Weazel News team, we have a good idea who's behind this sudden influx: Frickie Van Hardenberg, an African emigrant with a sordid past. What? Seriously, that's his name. Watch the news clip above if you don't believe us.

[Thanks, Juan!]

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