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ASUS 13.3-inch UL30 gets reviewed, called a cutie pie

Darren Murph

We've already witnessed the unveiling of ASUS' largest two UL series laptops, so it's only fair to pass along an in-depth look at the midget of the bunch. The UL30A was recently taken for a ride over at HotHardware, and while we've had our suspicions as to whether Intel's CULV platform really would provide an incentive for to-be netbook buyers to spend a bit more, it seems as if this ultraportable definitely is worth the extra scratch. Unlike your average Atom-powered netbook, the UL30 could actually handle 720p video like a champ (though 1080p brought it to its knees), and even with Vista taking a toll on its resources, day to day work was found to be surprisingly snappy. At $749 and up, the seductively silver UL30 was found to be a solid buy in its category, but we're not asking you to take our word for it. Hit that read link for the full writeup, benchmarks and all.

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