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Xbox 360 802.11n adapter spotted in Gears of War 2 box, longs for the comfort of your living room


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You know us, we're the epitome of patience. Always waiting for things so patiently. But you know what we can't wait another second for? An 802.11n adapter for our Xbox 360. The good news is that the thing looks positively imminent, after an FCC showing this week and now an appearance on a flyer inside a Gears of War 2 Game of the Year edition box in Italy. Can't you just taste the 802.11n wafting over the Atlantic? The eternal optimists over at Joystiq also think that this flier might point to a co-existence of both types of WiFi adapter, and potentially a price cut for the overpriced original, but we suppose we'll just have to wait and find out.

[Via Joystiq]

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