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Tech-On! examines DiiVA's (slim) opportunities in an HDMI world


Like us, you may be wondering if anything can take on HDMI in the digital connector space. Tech-On! has gone a bit more in depth on China's new DiiVA standard to examine what it has going for it, and whether there is a way for it to survive in the marketplace. So far most of its support has come from Chinese manufacturers, but LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp are all apparently part of the DiiVA promotion group, with compatible equipment expected to be on display at CES 2010. Mix in the defection of an executive from Silicon Image who worked on spreading HDMI to DiiVA backer Synerchip, and it seems like the spec -- based on CAT-6 cabling and offering enhanced networking functions -- might actually stand a chance.

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