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Verizon's Samsung Omnia II pictured, drops cubic center button

Chris Ziegler

We know that Verizon's version of the Windows Mobile-based Omnia II superphone is incoming, and by all accounts, we would've figured on it looking more or less like its global counterpart -- but those tinkerers over at Big Red apparently can't leave well enough alone, because the phone that's appeared on Samsung USA's site actually looks a bit different. The most notable change is the move away from the original model's distinctive cubic center button, though the replacement -- a shield design in the same vein as the B900 for South Korea -- really doesn't look any more user-friendly. Otherwise, there's not much to see here, but there's a brief mention of a relatively generous 1500mAh battery which should come in handy for spending hours on end using those YouTube, WeatherBug, and Facebook TouchWiz widgets you've got installed, eh?

[Thanks, Austin]

Update: As many folks have pointed out, it's merely a button, not a true d-pad. Thanks, everyone!

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