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A2M trademarks 'Naughty Bear,' no one shocked


Artificial Mind and Movement, better known to those in the gaming world as A2M, seems to be in the business of inappropriate euphemism name mashups. Starting with the company's own name's abbreviation, moving into the recently published Wet, and recently filing a trademark (spotted by Superannuation) for a new game titled "Naughty Bear," it appears as though the developer is on a mission to bring devilish grimaces to the faces of 13-year-old boys everywhere (ours included).

Oh, and just in case you were thinking about quickly snatching up the merchandising or film trademarks to such an impressive sounding name, A2M covered its bases and nabbed those too. We do hear that "Sexy Gorilla" might be available, though.
[Via Superannuation]

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