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Ferrari 458 Italia announced for Forza 3, coming as DLC 'this holiday'


It was only a few months ago that Ferrari officially unveiled the successor to the F430 in the much rumored Ferrari 458 Italia. With Forza 3 just over a month away, we can certainly understand how developer Turn 10 couldn't find extra time to fully develop the brand new car for its game. Even though the game went gold recently, the developer got right back to work, announcing recently that the mid-engine V8 monster will arrive as DLC this holiday. There's even a sweet video of the car in action that you can see above (and compare it with the real thing found after the break).

We pressed Microsoft for a price and only heard back, "We're not announcing any other details about the Ferrari vehicle at this time, other than to celebrate its inclusion in the game since it's a sick car." Maybe Microsoft will gift us all free Ferraris for the hoidays!

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