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Ripxx debuts Personal Measurement Device for exercise nerds and Olympic athletes

Darren Murph

If we're being candid, the Ripxx Personal Measurement Device (or PMD, as the hip kids call it) looks a lot like the original SPOT with the addition of a display. But aside from the physical likeness, there aren't too many similarities between the two gizmos. Launched this month, the handheld fitness tool is apt to be a surefire winner for any competitive athlete, not to mention competitive individuals in general who just need a statistical way to track their dominance. Essentially, an integrated GPS tracker pumps out ten tracking signals every second during, let's say, a ski run. That information, coupled with data gathered from a trio of accelerometers and gyroscopes, is used to record your location, orientation, speed, vertical drop, rolls, spins, turns and just about any other movement you make. Once you're done, those points can be plotted on a map for review. We're told that the U.S. Olympic team is already using a prototype to train for the 2010 winter games, though mere lay people won't be able to buy one until mid-December for $329.

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