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It came from the Blog: Pirates' Day recap


It came from the Blog celebrated Pirates' Day by running from Orgrimmar to Booty Bay as pirates and then joining Dread Captain DeMeza's crew. Granted, there really isn't much to the in-game holiday, but we had a good time making the most of it. Yar!

Around 110 or so showed up including Allison Robert, C. Christian Moore and Christian Belt. We got in our pirate costumes, ran to Razor Hill, Crossroads and then on to Ratchet. We then took the boat to Booty Bay and got the Achievement. Thanks to our many higher level characters, the lowbies were protected along the journey.

I took a lovely video capturing the 50 or so Tauren Pirates I had on follow only to crash just after getting to Booty Bay. The video is not salvageable, but I may be able to do something with the videos of the beginning and the end... maybe. I was able to get a few screenshots which are in the gallery below.

Thanks to all who joined us and stay tuned for the It came from the Blog Brewfest event announcement coming soon!

Gallery: It came from the Blog Pirates Day 2009 | 6 Photos

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