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Kopin's Golden-i wearable microdisplay demoed, Francisco Scaramanga unavailable for comment

Tim Stevens

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Wondering what Kopin was going to do with that .34-inch SVGA display? It's wedged one into a working prototype of the Golden-i, a wearable computer that sports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity on a full Windows CE 6.0 device built into the headband, with up to 6GB of memory and support for microSD storage. Navigation is performed with head movements and voice commands, the latter of which aren't particularly effective at this point according to The Inquirer, which was able to take one for a test run at the ESC event in Boston. But, Kopin's engineers were quick to indicate they'll have that issue addressed before the device's eventual release. The price isn't particularly extreme, under $2,000, meaning you shouldn't have to hijack any secret military satellites and blackmail the world to afford one. But, don't let us step on your evil mastermind plans.

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