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New Wii Sports Resort bundle packs two MotionPlus add-ons, coming Oct. 12


Nintendo has a steady stream of announcements flowing forth during Tokyo Game Show week, this time involving a new, limited release of Wii Sports Resort which will include two Wii MotionPlus remote add-ons. Set to arrive at retail on October 12 -- and coexist with the current single MotionPlus SKU -- this set will be available "while supplies last" and carry a price tag of $59.99 ($10 more than the "basic" Wii Sports Resort).

It's definitely a good deal for all two of the Wii owners who haven't already picked up the game, considering that they'll be getting an extra MotionPlus for 10 bucks, instead of the usual $19.99. We somehow get the feeling that if this bundle does well -- which we can't see it doing anything but -- it'll be the $49.99 SKU that eventually vanishes.

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