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Saurik live chat: Learn about Apple's new signature server


Something new, unexpected, and possibly worrying has popped up in iTunes. iTunes now "calls home" to the Apple mothership whenever you restore an iPhone or iPod touch. It tells you that it's "Verifying restore with Apple...", checking your device identifier and the firmware with Apple's new signature server.

Today, TUAW has the pleasure of talking with Jay Freeman, otherwise known as "Saurik", the developer of Cydia. Saurik has constructed a server that duplicates Apple's functionality, ensuring that you'll be able to downgrade your iPhone or iPod in the future, even if you have not jailbroken your device. This topic is for all iPhone users, regardless of whether they use jailbreaking. Please join us with your questions and comments as we hear from Freeman about why this move matters to you. Read on to see the full live chat transcript.

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