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Stop and look at PSP Go's ridiculous Converter 'Cable'


Click to make fun of it.

As we discovered at E3 earlier this year, the PSP Go isn't compatible with your current PSP accessories, including the rarely-used PSP camera. With Invizimals coming to the PSP next year, we wondered if PSP Go owners would miss out on the fun. The good news: Sony's figured out a solution. The bad news? It looks like the picture you see above.

"With the new Converter Cable Adaptor, PSPgo users will be able to utilize the existing peripherals for PSP," Sony announced at Tokyo Game Show today. Peripherals like the 1Seg Tuner and GPS Receiver will be able to fit in the Go's proprietary "Multi use connector." Looking at the picture, this "cable" will wrap around the system, letting PSP Go owners plug new devices atop the system. Considering it adds a significant amount of bulk to the system, doesn't this conversion defeat the portable aspect of the Go entirely?

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