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WoW Moviewatch: Quest: Impossible


Quest: Impossible by Machini-Mations is a quick but effective piece. It's based on the Mission: Impossible music, of course, and uses the tropes and associations of that series to help inform its own characters' actions. I'm not sure if I'd call it parody or homage, but it's certainly somewhere along those veins. A tiny team of very effective Horde lay siege to the Alliance, with deadly and explosive results.

I think the strongest bit of the video is the punchline at the end, which I'll avoid recapping so as not to ruin the joke. While the overall film is fairly solid, I'm not sure if the action supports all five and a half minutes of the film. It seems to drag on a little bit. Then again, that's hardly a lot of time to ask, considering the immense amount of care and effort that clearly went into piecing together its action sequences.

Ultimately, it's a great video, and I look forward to seeing what Machini-Mation does next.

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