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Videos: Dead Rising 2's buffet of death


One of the best parts of the original Dead Rising was its huge variety of weapons. Thankfully, if this new round of Dead Rising 2 videos is any indication, the sequel will expand on that arsenal. Capcom has released four short videos, each showcasing a different weapon. We don't want to jump the gun here, as it were, but we think the pitchfork / shotgun combination -- embedded above -- just might exceed the awesomeness quotient set forth by the Lancer. Check out all the videos after the break. As an added bonus, we've also embedded the not off-screen version of the Terror is Reality trailer.

Dice Stick: Small, ineffectual, funny.

Wheelchair: And you thought the shopping cart was fun.

Football Bomb: A football with grenades taped to it. Not much more to say, is there?

Terror is Reality trailer

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