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Rumor: Super Street Fighter IV unveiling tomorrow

Capcom recently launched one of the most nebulous video game teaser sites in recent history, hinting at an update for Street Fighter IV. All said site displays is a short video clip of what we believe is the music video for A-ha's "Take On Me" spliced together with footage of some sort of fluorescent fluid swirling lazily down a toilet drain. Also, a date and time: "2009.09.29. 17:00 JST." Whoa. Capcom's on Joystiq Standard Time, too?

Fortunately, French site JV247 has received a few purported, light-shedding screenshots from an anonymous source at Capcom. If legit, these screens reveal the existence of the oft-rumored Super Street Fighter IV -- a retail game (or perhaps just a DLC expansion) that will add at least two Street Fighter regulars to the game: Juri and T. Hawk (seen above). These screens look like the real deal, but details from the source are scant.

Stay tuned -- an official announcement is expected within the next 24 hours.

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