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Yellow sticky in the sky, are those new iMacs that I spy? Apple Store down 8:30p ET


It's Monday night in America, and that means one thing: football. OK, two things -- time for an Apple Store update, and football. The store is down as of 8:30 pm ET (thanks for the tip, Will T.), and with the ongoing rumors of hardware refreshes, combined with a steady stream of tidbits about reduced iMac inventory around the country... well, you might just wake up to a pleasant surprise.

Let us know what you see when it comes back up, mmkay? Update 9:15pm: Apparently, nothing much. It's back with no visible changes, everyone exhale. Update II, 1:20 am: And now it's down again. What on earth are they smoking over there?

P.S. If you haven't noticed the Deals of the Day ticker on our front page (powered by our friends at, take a peek -- maybe you can get a bargain on a previous-generation Mac.

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