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Star Trek Blu-ray to include code for bonus STO costume

William Dobson

Trekkies should be getting a nice little extra in their box for the Blu-ray release of Star Trek - Season 3, according to The box set's publishers CBS and Paramount have given retailers this sweetener to add to their product descriptions:

"For a limited time, sets will include an exclusive free offering in Atari's Star Trek® on-line game. Each set will include an insert that includes a unique code that will allow game players to outfit their avatar in an exclusive Admiral's outfit available only with this offer."

Is it worth it to go and pick up the the Blu-ray set when it releases on the 15th of December just for the Star Trek Online Admiral outfit? No, probably not. Then again, it sounds like the BR releases of the previous seasons have been crammed full of other bonuses and Easter eggs, so the next installment may well be an excellent purchase for fans anyway.

[via Joystiq]

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