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Motorola Tao's photographer zooms out a little, better shot ensues

Chris Ziegler

Now that the Sholes has seemingly been gifted with a less bizarre, less reminds-us-of-a-shoe-insert name, pictures and specs of the so-called Tao are starting to flow en masse -- just in time for a possible introduction at next week's CTIA show out in San Diego (we can only hope, anyway). The first round of in-the-wild shots really didn't reveal much of anything, but the cameraman has elected to apply just enough wide-angle this time around to give us a full-on view of the high-end Android beast in its closed position -- and if this is what we're going to be getting on Verizon shelves, HTC (and heck, even Moto's own CLIQ) should be on high alert. So, who'd switch to Verizon for this?

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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