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Wentworth Miller to play Chris Redfield in 'Resident Evil: Afterlife'

Justin McElroy

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If your world is feeling just a little more mediocre than usual, you're not imagining it: Screen Gems (via has announced that filming has started on Resident Evil: Afterlife. And the whole thing's being done in 3D, which is especially impressive considering it's sure to be filled with completely one-dimensional characters.

As part of their masochistic effort to turn the film franchise into some sort of perverse clown car, crammed with sub-par performers, producers have stuffed in Chris Redfield. He'll be played by Wentworth Miller, fresh from his turn as an awful douchebag on Law and Order: SVU. We guess it's not the worst choice in the world -- with a name like "Wentworth," dude can probably throw a mean punch.

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