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For a guy who makes $1 per year, Steve Jobs sure is rich!


Forbes Magazine published their annual "400 Richest Americans" ranking yesterday, and as usual Mr. William Gates of Microsoft leads the list at a net worth of US$50 billion. Others in the PC world are in the list -- Microsoft's favorite screamer Steve Ballmer is at #14 with US$13.3 billion, the Google twins Sergey Brin and Larry Page are tied for #11 at US$15.3 billion, and Michael Dell is lucky number 13 with US$14.5 billion -- but the "cultish king of the iGeeks", Steve Jobs, is on the second page of the list at #43 with a measly US$5.1 billion fortune.

The Forbes article notes that Jobs' best investment was picking up Pixar from George Lucas in 1986 for US$10 million. He sold Pixar to Disney in 2006 for US$7.4 Billion in stock, and is now Disney's largest shareholder.

Jobs still pulls down a salary of only US$1 per year as CEO of Apple, but he makes up for it in Apple stock and free use of a corporate jet. By the way, someone at Apple needs to update Steve's official company portrait (right) -- he looks a lot older now...

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