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Motorola CLIQ's box filled with excitement, hope

Chris Ziegler

Remember how exciting the original G1's box was? It had all these colorful squares on it and laser-cut "G1" text across the top -- a true packaging classic. Of course, T-Mobile had to raise the bar yet again with the materials on the myTouch 3G, so it came in a nifty hard-shell nylon zippered carrying case. Is it even possible to top that? Probably not -- and it looks like they're not even trying with the CLIQ, which looks like it'll just be coming in a conventional cardboard box with exciting graphics teasing MOTOBLUR's social capabilities. Realistically, the odds of holding on to the packaging for more than about 30 seconds -- the time it takes to tear everything out of it -- are slim to none anyway, so really, they could've put a picture of a Renew on there and we would've been just fine.

[Via Cell Phone Signal]

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