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Our iPhone home screens


We were recently inspired by the First&20 project, which presents the home screens of some notable iPhone users. So, we've taken screenshots of our own iPhone home screens for a little comparison.

Once you've purchased an app, you audition it on your phone. Its usefulness determines its spot on the phone. For most of us, only the top apps - those we use most often or love the most - make it to the home screen. While browsing the results, we noticed some trends.

  1. Of the 11 bloggers who participated, seven had a Twitter app on their homescreen. Twitterrific was the most popular (Aron, Chris, Mike Schramm and me), followed by TweetDeck (Kevin and Brett) and finally Twitterfon (Erica).
  2. Only three of us had an IM app, including Beejive (Aron and Victor) and Yammer (Kevin).
  3. Six of us edited the default dock, most notably Kevin whose tricked-out iPhone is the envy of us all.
  4. All but one (Kevin) had the Maps app on the homepage
  5. Five of us have some sort of productivity app. The most popular is Daylite Touch (Steve and me). Mindmeister, Doris and Toodledo (Brett, Kevin and Victor, respectively) are tied with one each.
  6. Brett, Chris, Erica, Kevin and I all had less than five bars of connectivity.
  7. Mike Schramm has the most unread email messages. He's the popular one.
Click the gallery below to check out who's got what. The final observation is that the homepage is in a constant state of flux. I occasionally shuffle a new app to the top of the heap. Additionally, games are grouped together, so it's quite unlikely I'd ever have one up front.

What's on your home screen?

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