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Rumor: PlayStation Motion Controller codenamed 'Sphere'


Neither Microsoft nor Sony have "official" names for their respective motion projects. At the very least, Microsoft has donned a far more attractive (and marketable) codename for its tech: "Project Natal," versus the clunky-but-aptly titled "PlayStation Motion Controller."

One name Sony may be using with developers is "Sphere," a word that highlights the glowing, colored orb central to the motion controller's technology. Sega producer Yasuhito Baba and his translator both referred to the controller as "Sphere" during an interview at Tokyo Game Show last month. Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi also talked about the PlayStation Motion Controller when we asked him if Gran Turismo would support the "Sphere" peripheral.

Sony representatives we chatted with admitted they were unfamiliar with the "Sphere" name, meaning it may be strictly a development codename for now.

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