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Activision files trademark for Call of Duty film adaptation

Perhaps the reason why video game-to-film adaptations have failed so ubiquitously is because none of them were of a truly epic scale. Perhaps what the ailing genre needs is a massive, Saving Private Ryan-esque cinematic endeavor -- which might just be coming in the form of a movie based on Activision's Call of Duty franchise, as hinted at by a recent trademark filing.

Adding fuel to the speculative fire is Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling (aka FourZeroTwo) who recently tweeted, "grabbing lunch with Xavier Gens, director of the Hitman film while in town. Talking game films." Sure, we would've rather had Bowling meet with Mr. Scorcese to talk Duty movies -- but in the grand scope of video game films, Hitman ranks high on the "not completely abysmal" end of the spectrum.

[Via Trademork]

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