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TomTom's iPhone car kit gets taken for a stationary test drive


It's been a long trip filled with hopes and confusion, but TomTom's iPhone car kit is now finally nearing an actual release (minus the bundled navigation app), and a few lucky folks are beginning to get their hands on it. While they unfortunately didn't get to take it for an actual test drive, the folks at Recombu did get to spend a bit of time with the device and deliver a few initial impressions, noting that the kit feels solid and easily accommodates your iPhone without too much effort. Interestingly, the site also says that TomTom told it that the kit will also work with "any sat-nav iPhone app," and that TomTom's own navigation app (which has apparently already sold thousands of copies) will be getting free updates. Head on past the break for a brief (and we mean brief) video.

Update: Exact sales figures removed upon TomTom's request.

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