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Eigenharp Pico and Alpha slowly remove shroud of mystery, gets stratospheric price tags

Darren Murph

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We can almost say with certainty that neither the Eigenharp Pico nor Alpha will actually be remembered as the "most revolutionary instrument in 60 years," but that's not stopping creator Eigenlabs from keeping its hopes high. If you'll recall, these funky instruments were unveiled courtesy of an enigmatic YouTube clip early last month, and now the outfit is slowly dribbling out official details on its contributions to the musical realm. Neither instrument is being aimed at the bargain banger, with the Alpha going for £3,950 ($6,302) and the Pico for £349 ($557). Both of 'em sport keys, a breathe pipe, a so-called strip controller and their own native soundsets, though currently they'll interface only with Macs. If you're really interested in learning something new, you can surf on over to the outfit's website for a look at the specifications -- just bring the checkbook if you're easily tempted.

Update: Looks the The Beeb snagged a little mouth-on time with it!

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