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How would you change Microsoft's Zune HD?

Darren Murph

For the anti-iPod crowd out there (you know who you are), Microsoft's Zune HD has been a long time comin'. As of September 17th, your excuses for not owning one vanished completely, and for those diehards willing to splurge on Redmond's swankest PMP yet, we know you've been toying with it ever since. Still, the Zune HD hasn't thrived without its fair share of hangups, and we get the impression that at least a smattering of users are still frustrated by this or that. If we just rang your bell, you're in the right place. We're curious to hear what actual, honest-to-goodness Zune HD users have to say about their new toy, and better still, how you would've done things differently if you had any power whatsoever over Sir Ballmer. Drop your rant off in comments below, would you?

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