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Star Trek Online interview answers questions of combat, grouping, launch, and more

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Cryptic's Star Trek Online has been releasing information on a daily basis and answering many player questions, but fans looking forward to launch are eager for more. Star Trek Online's executive producer Craig Zinkievich talked with Eurogamer today, and offered answers.

Details of player interaction has been one of the biggest questions. How much interaction is possible when it's just you and a ship full of NPCs? STO doesn't disappoint, offering a space station that serves as a central social hub. There is also an over-world view that allows you to see what others in the area are up to, and join up with players pursuing the same things you are.

Zinkievich also addressed ground combat (yes, there is ranged and melee combat and not just phaser fire exchange) and rewards (lots - plenty of upgrades for you, your crew, and your ship), as well as plans for the first year after launch. He also reminds us that launch is planned for early 2010, and that they are still taking beta applications.

The original interview contains more details and more answers -- it's definitely worth reading.

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