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Scivelation announced (but hard to pronounce)

If you were listening to this post being read on the non-existent "Joystiq Posts on Cassette" series, you'd probably hear us have a bit of trouble. The press release which we recently received announcing the TopWare Interactive and Black Wing Foundation-developed third-person shooter Scivelation included a number of details about the title, but sadly, no audible pronunciation guide. For the record, we're going with "Siv-uh-lay-shun."

The title features a generic-ish plot dealing with evil dictatorships and stalwart resistance movements in a dystopian future -- we've chosen to turn to the portfolios of the title's creators for more insight into its quality. Black Wing Foundation made Stalin vs. The Martians, which is completely magical. TopWare worked on X-Blades, which committed violent crimes against our intellegence. We expect Scivelation to fall somewhere in between.

[Via Big Download]

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