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Steam offering four-player group rates on Borderlands

Though Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford recently aired out his distrust of Valve's digital distribution platform, relations between the two companies haven't come to a screeching halt. Steam recently added a fairly sensible (if not slightly unorthodox) deal for Gearbox's upcoming FPSRPG, Borderlands. For a cool $134.97, you can pre-purchase four copies of the PC version of the game -- a bundle which would normally run you $179.96. As math majors have already calculated, that's a savings of $44.99, or enough to purchase a fifth copy of the game, should you feel so compelled.

If you and three friends are capable of splitting the cost, you can grab Borderlands for just $33.75 a piece. That's a great deal, but we suggest you only enter into such a compact with your most trusted acquaintences. For all you know, one of them could be waiting to snag all four of the copies, then make a beeline towards Mexico.

[Via Ars Technica]

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