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WoW Moviewatch: Dream an Emerald Dream


Today's Moviewatch features the return of a legend. I want to be clear that I'm not being sarcastic or satirical here. Gnomechewer has always been a fan favorite, and a hero to many machinimists. His work was not only fantastic in its own right, but also inspired a whole generation of new machinima artists. It is with great joy that I share the news that he's come back around, with the release of Dream an Emereald Dream.

According to Gnomechewer, this video might not make a lot of sense. It's because he was feeling rusty, and jumped right in to re-hone his old skills. In the face of that commentary, I still found this video entertaining and gorgeous to look at. If this is Gnomechewer at "rusty," you can imagine what his "back in practice" is going to look like.

I want to close by saying "Welcome back, Gnomechewer!" Here's hoping he keeps on keeping on.

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