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Ask Engadget HD: Would an SSD upgrade help my HTPC performance?


Facing a need for speed during our own HTPC build we suggested a Western Digital VelociRaptor drive combined with another 2TB disk, but in the neverending quest for speed and silence, would an SSD make more sense? That's James' question, considering his current specs what would you upgrade next?

"Wondering if you guys think it's worth upgrading my HTPC to an SSD. The SSD I think will make a huge impact, as a lot of the caching of images, etc. is all done on the main OS drive (from what I understand). Have you ever experienced an HTPC based on an SSD or done a side by side comparison of one with a regular HDD vs. an SSD? My current configuration is as follows:

Q6600 2.4GHz CPU
8GB DDR2-800 RAM
2x 1TB hdd's
nVidia 9300 IGP based MicroATX motherboard (ASUS)
Hauppauge HVR-2250 dual tuner PCIe card
Antec Fusion Remote Black HTPC case
Windows 7 RC (Soon to be Home Premium Retail)"

Anyone gone the SSD route for a HTPC yet and seen any difference? The main problems we see are cost and size capabilities, but if it means quicker loading times and less fans it could be a worthwhile upgrade. With Windows 7 just around the corner we're sure James isn't the only one eyeing an upgrade or two, let us know how your project is going in the comments.

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