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Elder Scrolls' 'The Infernal City' book has cover, release date


Bethesda Softworks has revealed the cover for The Infernal City, the first of two Elder Scrolls books the publisher plans to produce. The novel, written by Greg Keyes, will make its way to store shelves November 24 ... the audio book will only have six voice actors (OK, we made that last part up).

Joystiq chat transcript upon seeing the cover:

Alexander S.: Question: Where is the water generated from that just flows out of this flying city?
Dave H.: A wizard did it.
Alexander S.: That's your answer for everything.
Ben G.: Yeah, Dave's wrong anyway. A whole bunch of wizards would be required for something like that.
Alexander S.: They have a wizard on the "Hamster Wheel of Water Generation."
JC F.: How could you even keep the city's inferno going with all that water?
Justin M.: It's a water inferno.

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