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Engadget Podcast 167 - 10.16.2009

Trent Wolbe

Everyone all strapped in? Okay, take a deep breath. Now exhale....slowly. It's the Engadget Podcast. Just what you need after a tense week of work, school, and being extremely worried about a boy who was not actually trapped in a killer spaceship balloon. Instead, join Josh, Paul and Nilay as they break down the week in news, starting with the Sidekick situation and cruising past the Motorola CLIQ, the BlackBerry Storm 2, Walt Mossberg's disregard for anything not the iPhone, and wrapping up with the rumored Barnes and Noble ebook reader and the runup to Windows 7. There -- don't you feel better?

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Raulever - Chips Don't Lie

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00:01:29 - Microsoft recovers 'most, if not all' Sidekick customer data
00:18:22 - Motorola CLIQ review
00:37:50 - Vodafone puts BlackBerry Storm2 up for 26 October preorder
00:38:34 - Walt Mossberg leaks the BlackBerry Storm 2
00:46:53 - Barnes & Noble twin-screen e-reader revealed early?
00:47:49 - Plastic Logic deflates dreams, denies Spring 2010 release for color e-reader
00:53:27 - Barnes & Noble hosting event on October 20: ebook a lock?
00:54:30 - New Adamo XPS image takes a stand
00:59:30 - Windows 7-branded 'Family Guy' special to air November 8th
01:00:51 - Acer Aspire 5738PG wants you to reach out and touch its screen
01:01:00 - HP TouchSmart 300 and 600 bump the software to the next level, tx2 comes along for the ride

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