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Upcoming 1.2 details expanded for Fallen Earth

Eliot Lefebvre

Playing a game like Fallen Earth teaches you the value of hitting the ground running, as it makes it much less likely that something or someone is going to jump you, take your things, and possibly eat you. It's a lesson the developers have clearly taken to heart, as they've been running and working hard at developing their game. Patch 1.2 is scheduled to go live for the game on October 22nd, and the developers have given more information about what players can expect.

Chief among the changes is the expansion of the game's tutorial -- with a game that has a very strict philosophy against letting you roll back any changes you make, understanding the importance of each choice becomes vital. Currently, the tutorial covers a number of elements of the game and is supposed to tease the player regarding high-end gameplay. In patch 1.2, there will be an optional expansion that runs an additional 35-40 minutes, covering crafting, scavenging, mounts, and harvesting. It's also slated to help reinforce the game's basic combat system.

In addition to these changes, the game is streamlining and improving several of the game's town events. Areas such as Clinton Farm, Boneclaw, and the Embry Crossroads Monster Hunt were a bit more obtuse than the developers liked, and with the feedback from players they're going to be making the missions more understandable and straightforward. There are good things coming soon to Fallen Earth, certainly, although it's still probably not a bad idea to hit the ground running -- tutorials don't last forever, after all.

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