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Hitman 2 may recast lead, Kane and Lynch still coming

Justin McElroy

Though it was sniped by critics, Hitman was a smash at the box office, raking in $100 million in theaters plus another $80M on DVD. Emboldened, producer Adrian Askarieh has a full slate of Eidos films in the works, projects that he recently discussed with GameDaily.

His main focus right now is a Just Cause film, which he's producing independently, so don't be surprised if it doesn't quite hit that same level of Hitman polish. Look for that to start shooting next year. Also next year, Kane and Lynch is finally set to start filming in March -- after plenty of false starts -- with Bruce Willis in the Kane role. Finally, there's the Hitman sequel, which Askarieh said may need a new lead, as star Timothy Olyphant is filming a new show for FX. Though Askarieh said he'd like to get Olyphant back, we can't imagine why when Richard Moll is right there.

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