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Thrice the Halloween update hath patch'd

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We are well into that time of year - Halloween is almost here and a quick look into nearly any MMO out there will show it. We've been talking about quite a few games out there and how they're celebrating, but they're certainly not the only ones putting jack-o-lanterns in their windows. Follow after the jump for a look at how some of our other favorite MMOs are celebrating.

Mad King Thorn is on his way back to Guild Wars, with his jokes of drunks and Paragons and his demands that you laugh or die. The normal collectors and heralds will be out in force, foes will be dropping trick or treat bags, and the costume brawl will be open for business. But there's a new treat on the way - a brand new quest series for the Halloween season only, beginning on the 26th. So put on your wicked hat, have a pumpkin cookie and some absinthe, and pop open a ghost in the box -- the party starts October 23rd and runs through November 2nd.

Runes of Magic is celebrating in Taborea with quite a few in-game events including Hide-and-Seek, Offer to the Goblin King, and Your Scary Costume. They promise some larger events before Halloween arrives, and there's a special Halloween Bundle in the item shop that's worth a look.
As Halloween gets closer, they're adding some fun new accessories as well: wings. They started with Mighty Phoenix Wings, and are adding more as Halloween gets closer. Be sure to check out the Halloween Decorations Contest as well. Send a photo of your real life, Runes of Magic themed Halloween decorations for a shot at some great in-game prizes.

Lineage gives us the Cavern of Chaos this year, and Halloween treats are everywhere. There are polymorph costumes, and monsters are dropping pumpkin seeds that you can turn in to a Pumpkin Trader for some Halloween goodies. Those aren't the only Halloween surprises in store, though -- bosses will be dropping more loot than usual, so good luck! The event runs from October 28th to November 4th.

Lineage II players will be enjoying some special Spooks and Scarecrows gifts. If you're level 20 or above, check your warehouse for a couple of surprises on the 20th. You'll find a Shadow Jack transformation stick, a temporary item that turns you into Scarecrow Jack. This item is only with you for 30 days, so enjoy it while it lasts! Looking in your warehouse should also turn up a Revita-pop, a candy item that fully replenishes vitality upon use. Lineage II fans need to be sure they check out the Adena Art Contest while they're at it, for a chance to win some great in game prizes.

Funcom continues it's trend of bringing improvements to the table, and have put quite a bit into their Age of Conan Halloween celebration. The story of Nights of Lost Souls begins, "As the day slowly but inevitably gives way to the longer nights as the year wanes, there is a time when the thin veil between the night as we know it and the true darkness of the worlds beyond the realm of mortal men is pulled back."

Players will set out to seek and defeat the three Lost Souls in two new solo quests and a new team quest, which will lead them through familiar lands that have a spooky new look. What about once the Lost Souls have been put in their place? Well, the satisfaction of a job well done is nice, but we all love seeing some good holiday-themed loot. Age of Conan doesn't disappoint. You'll get a Void Essence that changes your skin, and better yet, Fermented Brain Juice that will leave you drunk and vomiting! You can also pick up the Unholy Backscratcher, a Helm of Dark Vigilance, and a Soul Devourer (social weapon, armor, and pet). The party starts with update 5.6. Enjoy your Brain Juice!

EverQuest invites hungry halflings, wandering vampires and necromancers to come and play during the Harvester's Haunt event. A gravedigger named Edmund Strangeways seems to be lurking about and he has a job for you. How do you feel about heading into Norrath to dig up corpses? Hopefully you're comfortable with that sort of thing, because that's exactly what he's asking players to do. They're not lacking in fun on the lighter side, though. The festival offers a holiday merchant with costumes and other treats so you can dress the part this season, and players can try their hand at making candy apples. (That sounds suspiciously like crafting, so if that's your thing, check it out.) Harvester's Haunt will run from October 24th until November 7th. Plenty of time for you to buy a costume, gear up and grab a shovel.

Legends of Norrath
Speaking of Norrath, the word of the day is Brraaaaaainss! No, really. There is a brand new Legends of Norrath scenario for Halloween, and it's called "Brraaaaaainss!". Not surprisingly at all, you'll be facing a horde of zombies and their leader with the possibly ironic, possibly lazy name of Eater of Brains. The zombie horde is terrorizing the Halfling community of Riverdale, and it's up to you to save them. If you save the Halflings and destroy their opponent's avatar, or complete a series of four quests, you'll be rewarded with Halloween goodies, including some promo cards and loot cards for EverQuest and EverQuest II. This scenario is live now and runs through November 11th, so good luck!

Want to try Halloween sci-fi style? Star Wars Galaxies fans will be partying too during the annual Galactic Moon Festival. Jabba the Hutt created the festival to garner support from Tatooine and Naboo, so players will need to head to Moenia or Mos Eisley to join in the fun. Costumes are a big part of this party, with players donning Droideka, Toydarian, and Hutt costumes in an attempt to win Galactic Moon Coins that are exchanged for the usual Halloween treats. New costumes have been added this year, so expect to see a few Gamorrean Guards running around, a couple of Salacious Crums, and a whole horde of Burning Ewoks. (You just know everyone's going to choose that costume.) The festivities kick off October 20th.

Orange and Purple Mechanaughts? Nope, you're not seeing things. Exteel is celebrating with free orange and purple paint during their Halloween celebration, so get yours and enjoy the party! Players will receive +50% bonus credits for the length of the celebration. The party runs from October 28th until November 4th.

Last but not least, who gets into Halloween more than the littlest gamers? Free Realms offers some fun to the younger MMO set with their first annual Super Spooktacular. Every good Halloween party needs decorations, costumes, and trick-or-treating, and Free Realms has them all. Players can choose from 35 different costumes for themselves and their pets, and participate in daily trick or treating with Halloween Harry, who is also the source of a series of special Halloween quests. The Pumpkin Prince will be popping up all over Free Realms during Super Spooktacular, aiming to bring all sorts of nasties to the surface, so it's up to you to stop him. He's a bit unpredictable, so you'll need to check in with the ghost hunters in Snowhill, Stillwater Crossing and Bristlewood to help track him down. October 21st will bring a dance party, and Free Realms wants to know "How many people we can get into the graveyard near the Bone Bog Cemetery?" Put on your costume and head over to the cemetery to help them find out. There's even a special pet adoption center in Blackspore, with ghostly pets for your character. A few additional quests can be had with the purchase of quest packs, if you can't get enough Spooktacularness. The party is live now and continues through November 11th.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween news as the big day approaches, don't forget to take a look at the other Halloween events we've covered so far:

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