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Altec Lansing Stage-Gig monitor further enforces faux rock fantasies

Darren Murph

And you thought $300 fake guitars were too much? They ain't got nothing -- nothing -- on this. Altec Lansing, the outfit famous for making those tinny speakers slammed into your laptop, has just popped out what could very well be the most hilarious non-KIRF product of the year. The Stage-Gig is modeled after a traditional wedge monitor, complete with the perforated grille, white spray-paint logo and carry handle (for "authentic roadie portability"). Within, you'll find a 6.5-inch driver and a 40-watt amplifier, and the idea here is to plug your console's audio directly in, enabling the Rock Band / Guitar Hero axe-slinger in your life to feel as if they're "playing in a live concert." It'll land next month for $99.95, and despite the fact that we can't stifle our chuckling, we want one in the worst way. And so do you, Dr. Love.

[Via Electronista]

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