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Datel 'disappointed' by Xbox 360's unofficial memory unit lockout


Outlawed off-white accessory news now, with CVG relaying manufacturer Datel's unenthusiastic response to the the forthcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update, which intends to kill support for unauthorized, third-party memory units. Datel has said that it's "disappointed" by Microsoft's decision, one that it feels will limit consumers in "exercising their freedom of choice." Specifically, their freedom of choosing a memory solution that doesn't come from Microsoft.

What to do if you're the owner of one of these bad boys? Unless you want to stay offline forever, you'll have to back up your data and transfer it to an official memory unit or hard drive. Failing that, you could just lift anchor in protest and set sail for Redmond, but we wouldn't suggest doing that unless you're English and living in 1983.

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