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Nokia 2220 possibly spotted, clearly has no XpressMusic aspirations

Chris Ziegler

Though Nokia's well-known for its midrange and high-end handsets, the meat and potatoes operation might be the low end -- take the venerable 1100, for example, which is kind of a big deal seeing how it's the best-selling phone in history. That's why phones like this rumored 2220 here are important, even though it won't make much of a PR splash when Nokia finally gets around to announcing it. The sleek slider keeps things ultra-simple with a VGA cam and a dual-band GSM radio, but it still manages to pack a 3.5mm jack, Series 40 (as opposed to the bare-bones Series 30), and an FM tuner. Look for it this quarter in select markets if the insider info here pans out.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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