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PSA: Microsoft not planning Blu-ray drive for 360


Today has seen several reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed a Blu-ray drive accessory for the Xbox 360. The purported revelation came from a Gizmodo interview, during which Ballmer said that 360 owners wanting a Blu-ray player could purchase "Blu-ray drives as accessories."

Clearing the air, Microsoft's Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson) has gone on the record saying that the company has "no plans" for a 360 Blu-ray drive, adding that Ballmer was actually referring to Blu-ray drives for PCs. Hryb reiterates -- as did Ballmer -- that the main push for the Xbox 360 will be streaming media, noting specifically that the upcoming Dashboard update will bring instant 1080p streaming, a feature of the Zune Video Marketplace.

Now, say it with us (one more time): Blu-ray isn't coming to the Xbox 360.

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