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Samsung Trill and Caliber now official for US Cellular

Chris Ziegler

Remember these two bad boys? Sure enough, the rumored Trill and Caliber from Samsung have made their way to US Cellular, just two of the bazillion Sammies that the regional carrier already offers. The Trill (pictured left) is an audio-centric slider with B&O's ICEpower tech, a dedicated music key, 1.3 megapixel cam, stereo Bluetooth, and 1GB of built-in storage with microSD expansion; it clocks in at $89.95 on contract after rebate. The Caliber (right) is arguably the more interesting of the two, offering a legit TouchWiz setup with a full HTML browser, 3 megapixel cam, and a WQVGA display. This one ends up being a little less -- $49.95 on contract with rebate -- which pushes the Delve it replaces all the way down to $19.95. Good time to be in the market for a full touch experience on US Cellular, eh?

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