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Motorola's Zeppelin spotted, found to contain Android rather than hydrogen

Tim Stevens

Last week's blurry little roadmap from Motorola gave us our first glimpse of the codename Zeppelin, and now just a few days later the back half of the thing has floated its way into the hands of someone at The Android-powered handset is said to sport a five megapixel camera with flash, WiFi, a 3.1-inch 480 x 320 screen, HDMI output, and, in a first for Android, dual SIM slots marked GSM and CDMA -- technically an R-UIM slot for CDMA, actually, which pretty much limits this thing to China. And indeed, rumor has it release will come behind the Great Wall sometime in the first quarter of next year, with worldwide shipments (of some other variant, we'd imagine) sometime later. Sure, that's a long time to wait if your contract expiration is nigh, but we hear that Droid thing is pretty neat.


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