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Warren Spector would love to make a new DuckTales (ooh-oooh-ooh)

As promising as Epic Mickey is starting to sound, we're secretly pining for a different Disney-based offering helmed by Warren Spector -- something of the billed, winged and web-toed variety. We speak, of course, of DuckTales, which recently came up in a Game Informer interview with the ghostly developer. "I want to do a DuckTales game," Spector mentioned. "I can't convince anybody at Disney to let me do a DuckTales game. How can that be?"

We don't have an answer for your query, Mr. Spector. Perhaps we no longer live in a world where mallards can bounce through lunar canyons on walking sticks. Perhaps you can take us back to that beautiful time, someday. You know, when you're not busy fusing Mickey Mouse and Bob Ross.

[Thanks, Koshi.]

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