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Change 4 Life campaign endorsing Wii Fit Plus


The Change 4 Life ad campaign gathered early attention with the shocking connection between sedentary activities like games and "AN EARLY DEATH." Then it softened the message a bit with the more positive suggestion that "active" video games would be a healthy move. Now, the initiative is getting its exercise with vigorous backpedaling, as it will actually endorse a video game, giving permission to use its logo in advertising. Of course, that game is Wii Fit Plus.

"We are thrilled that active videogames are finally being recognised by the Government for contributing to a healthy, balanced lifestyle," ELSPA's Mike Rawlinson said. Rawlinson revealed that ELSPA has been working with the UK government since the first Change 4 Life ad to get some fairer recognition for games, and apparently the Change 4 Life folks finally got tired of hearing about it came to their senses.

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