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HP's Pavilion dv3 and dm1 wash ashore on European land

Ross Miller

As one of the last two Vista holdouts on HP's online laptop store (the other being HDX16), we were wondering what was going on with the Pavilion dv3. Well, it's still not stateside, but Germany and the UK can apparently pick up the Windows 7-equipped touchscreen dv3-2200 now for £799.99 / €899 (somewhere between $1,305 and $1,350, respectively, in comparable US currency), with difference of pricing based on the separate listings. Additionally, we spotted the 11.6-inch dm1-1000 -- which was also leaked alongside the dv3 -- with a 1.2GHz Celeron processor and that hot new OS from Redmond. We're sure it'll come to the US eventually, but for now we're just gonna have to wait ever, ever so patiently.

[Thanks, Adam and everyone]

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