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ZilionTV expands pilot program, delays product launch


Here we are plunged headlong into Q4 and we know what you're thinking: "What's up with ZillionTV?" You know, the company that whetted our appetites with its promise of a "free" (unless you count the one-time $99 setup fee as free, which we don't), ad-based streaming content and whose finely rendered set-top boxes were due out before the end of the year? According to a hot tip sent to Zatz Not Funny!, the company's pilot program is not only in full swing, but expanding -- that's the good news. Unfortunately, it looks like there is quite a bit of turmoil within the company itself that might serve to delay the device beyond even its new estimated 2010 target date, including: a 30 staff reduction, a new CEO, and the fact that the sexy product renders have been superseded by a box that looks, well, about as un-sexy as you can get. We'll keep our ears to the ground on this story -- in the meantime, there are a couple more pics after the break to tide you over.

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