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Lock your eyes on first EA Sports MMA screenshot


Remember when we used to dream -- oh, so innocently -- of the days when video games would look real? Well, those days have come and gone. Games have now officially entered the realm of too real. See: the first screenshot of EA Sports' MMA (above).

Look, we're cool with realistic violence in games -- from a distance. Exploding heads, severed limbs, gratuitous gore -- it's all got to be separated by at least a sword's length; or better: the distance traveled by a bullet.

This bare, get-on-the-floor and grapple-it-out violence is just, well, confusing. Look at that balding guy's expression*. Look closer. What is that all about? It's, like, the antisocial rage it takes to snap a man's arm (against one's groin, no less) coupled with the extreme constipation indicative of training the body to destroy people (go on, squeeze it out) and the extraordinary pain brought on by a set of incisors biting into the tender flesh behind the knee -- and then it's all locked together in what appears to be pure ... ecstasy? We know the sport's all about mixing it up, but these are mixed messages. C'mon, folks, we don't need this stuff in the way of kicking ass. Games must not imitate real life.

*Ed.'s Note: Sorry dude! We don't follow the sport, and so we don't know your name. Please don't break us!

[Via Shacknews]

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